The WhiteBoard of Messaging

Share and Delete

Letter by Letter

No History

Everyone's Invited

Simple Sign-Up

Message Friends


Share then remove your messages and pics from both phones after they’re sent. Plus letter by letter, truly instant messaging.

Clean Slate Messenger

Share & Delete Your Images and Text

Clean Slate Text gives you full control over when your messages and images are viewed. Delete them at any time.   Get it now  

Real-time Texting

Share your text in real-time, letter by letter.

Ping Your Friends

Send your friends an alert to invite them into the slate. There you can share messages in real time!

View Friend's Presence

Color status symbols show when your friends are online and in the slate with you.


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Clean Slate Messenger is on a mission to revolutionize the way people message. We want to make messaging fun and empower people to control their digital trail. We are excited about what we have accomplished so far. We are actively looking to add talented people to our team. Find more about open roles by clicking below.

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