Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send a message?

Messages are automatically sent as you type, letter by letter.

What does the bell do?

This is a ping. It sends a notification to your friend so they will know you are trying to contact them.

How do I know if my message is read?

The eye icon next to your outgoing message box will be open. It will also turn black. If the message has not been read, the eye will be closed and light gray.

What does the green/yellow box mean next to my incoming slate?

The box lets you know if your friend is in the slate with you.

  • Green = Your friend is in the slate
  • Yellow= Your friend is away from the slate

How do I block someone?

Go to the slate of the person you would like to block. Click their name in the header. From there, click the block button from within their profile.

Blocked users will be monitored for violations of the EULA.

What does mute do?

Mute silences the notification sound for incoming pings in a given slate.

How do I update my profile picture?

Go to the settings tab. Then click your current profile picture. You will have the option to u

Is there a way to turn off real-time text?

Yes.Go to the settings tab. Toggle “Real-time Text Sharing” to the off position. Messages will then be sent once your keyboard is dismissed (swiping down). This will allow you to type an compose your message without your friend seeing what’s being typed.

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